Midland Plus

Plus Groups from Warwickshire to Staffordshire and Yorkshire to Lincolnshire.

Thinking you’d like to meet some new friends…?

We are Britain’s longest established and most friendly nation wide social and activities group.

Getting out, making friends, having fun for more than 70 years. Join us!

We are About Meeting Friends – Plus!

Plus what?

Benefits of Plus membership


“I have friends from all around the country.”
— Vicky
“I value Plus enough that I wish to make it grow, it should be a household name.”
— Steve
“I like to think I’ve organised something that the members enjoy.”
— Corinna
“Contributing makes me feel like I belong.”
— Adam

Privileges of Plus membership

These are just a few of the benefits of Plus. In addition to the parties, and fun for which Plus is famous. Plus is also known for the work it does for the community, such as Charity fund-raising, and much more.

You may visit any Plus Group in the Midland Area or the whole Country and join in their activities and events

As a full member you can vote in your Group’s elections, and have your say in the running of Plus

Members have the opportunity to learn and practice a whole range of new skills, from management to P.R. through in-house training

You may obtain discounts to Discos and other Plus entertainment, and attend Area, and National scale Plus events

You may stand for election for any Committee post, from Group to National level

You will meet and make friends with people of your own age and interests, and enjoy a range of exciting and varied activities run in a friendly social atmosphere

You will be part of an organisation which, because it is run by it’s own members is fully responsive to the needs of all it’s members

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Statement of Intent

General Data Protection Regulations and Midland Area of the National Federation of Plus Areas April 2018.

Midland Area of the National Federation of Plus Areas is at present reviewing its compliance to the General Data Regulation[EU] 2016/679.
We hope to generate proposals and recommendations to ensure continued compliance to these regulations and demonstrating fulfilment of our responsibilities to members past and present.

In the meantime, if you have any queries concerning information held by Midland Area Plus, National Federation of Plus Areas, please send an email to mafinance@plusgroups.org.uk. We will do our best to acknowledge and respond to the enquiry in a timely manner.