Leeds Bradford Plus is About Meeting Friends . . . Plus . . .
Plus what?
Read about Leeds Bradford Plus and what we do below . . .

Thinking you’d like to meet some new friends in the Leeds/Bradford are of Yorkshire . . . ?

Plus is Britain’s longest established and most friendly nationwide social and activities group.

Getting out, making friends, having fun for more than 80 years. Join us!

We are About Meeting Friends – Plus!

Benefits of Plus membership

The group meets monthly in Leeds Bradford Huddersfield

First Wednesday of the month 8:30 p.m.

Venue tbd

The group organises a monthly social event and also weekend events, walking trips, visits to historical places, meals out and we join in the activities of National Plus.

Monthly Social meeting meet new friends

Weekend events widen your experience


Members of Leeds Bradford Plus group are part of a local active social group for adults

And are Members of a national organisation.

These are just a few of the benefits of Plus. In addition to the parties, and fun for which Plus is famous. Plus is also known for the work it does for the community, such as Charity fund-raising, and much more.

Go to our next meeting and meet some new friends.

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